Retro Camping Gear: Vintage Tupperware

Vintage Tupperware Condiment Caddy in Almond & Harvest Gold. Available now in our Etsy store.
Nothing says 70's like Tupperware in Harvest Gold....and for some reason Tupperware always makes me think of camping. I want a Chevy Love Van so I can pack up the family and travel cross country....through all the small towns....and shop in all the beat thrift stores....and eat out of Tupperware.

My parents had a rust colored Chevy Van with shag carpet and a little fridge and a sink. We drove to Vermont from South Carolina one summer with three kids and two kittens. The horn got stuck when we went through NY and every time we made a left turn it would honk. No air conditioning just two little oscillating fans my dad had rigged up. Fun times.

Vintage Painted Metal Recipe Box

Painted Metal Recipe Box by Avon. Will fit 3X5 inch index cards.

 One of my favorite bridal shower gifts was a recipe box complete with favorite recipes from all the guests. Everyone was sent a recipe card along with their invitation and asked to write down their favorite recipe (be sure to include who it is from). The hostess put them all into a recipe box and presented it as a gift to me at the shower. I think the idea would work equally well for a baby shower....especially for a mom that is interested in making homemade baby food.

This sweet vintage recipe box is available now in our Etsy store.


A Cuppa Cake

We just listed a lot of vintage Federal and Fire King coffee mugs. We love vintage coffee mugs but our cabinet runneth over so we picked out some we were willing to part with. The all white milk glass mugs are one of my favorites. I love the idea of baking cakes in the coffee mugs for a children's tea party.....not that I have ever gotten around to trying this but I hope to at some point. You can get some inspiration here.


Robot Parade

 The Tomy Omnibot Robot is listed in our store now.

Thought we would share a song. Robot Parade from They Might Be Giants album No!

Vintage Fur Collars

Salvaged vintage fur collars in the store now. When we have vintage coats that are beyond repair or wearability we try to salvage as much as we can from them. Here are some for the crafter and sewer creatives...which we are not so much.


Vintage 400 RECORDS FOR Arts Crafts 45 7" Vinyl Huge Lot Rock Pop Country Soul Jukebox

The photo is a stock photo that we are using for every record lot we are selling. you will not necessarily receive the record titles in the picture.

used A vinyl crafters dream! 400 45's. These are being sold for decoration/crafting purposes only. Large assortment including rock, pop and country, ect.... we came across a huge lot of records, instead of selling each record we are selling them in as-is lots. Some of the records are no longer playable. Some of the records are playable. Some records may be warped or have cracks. Some are duplicates. Some records may have writing or stickers on labels. Records do not come with sleeves. Records have not been cleaned. This lot is being sold as-is. Please ask if you have any questions. U.S. shipping is free!