DIY in progress....

Who doesn't love a good diy project? That's kind of what The Family Vintage is...a diy project with a lot of heart. Sometimes it turns out smashing and sometimes it crashes, but we keep on truckin' anyhow. The Family Vintage is a little on-line Ebay shop. Totally owned & operated by ourselves (see picture below). We scour through bags, boxes, and racks of clothes......clean & inspect them...measure them....model them...list them...pack & ship them. You get the point...we do it all. We are hoping to find a model soon, as I would like to have one more baby, and I'm not sure how the vintage maternity clothing market is.

This blog has a twofold purpose. The first is to update you with what's new and coming soon in our store. The second is a meet and greet (minus the nametags, which I've always had an aversion to) kind of thing.

We wish we had a studio, but we don't. We live with your clothes and infuse them with family love before you place that winning bid on Ebay and they arrive at your doorstep. We're always happy to answer any emails. We send Kisses Hugs & Vintage to you!

Ladies & Gentlemen! Here we are....The Family Vintage!!
Ta Da!

The day after Christmas at our oldest daughter's Princess Bash/Birthday Party at my Mother-In-Law's house. I'm thinking to myself, what have I ever done to deserve this? Wearing an amazing vintage patchwork wrap coat (one I did keep for myself as I have a weakness for amazing coats).

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