blogging via dial up

Does anyone remember dial-up internet?....we are still living the dream/nightmare. If you wonder why we don't post much....dial up would be the reason. It is definitely a pain in the ass to upload pictures and research for helpful links. Are we vintage all the way or what!? Not to mention we list all of our ebay offerings via dial up. I think we deserve a medal for the most patient ebayer in America. Anyway, there are some consolations for living in the country of NC.

1. you can totally sit on your back porch naked and sun dry after a shower
2. it doesn't matter what the neighbors think, because they don't exist
3. it's beautiful
4. it's beautiful

We have no access to cable because apparently a certain number of people must agree to purchase cable before they will run lines out here. We have no line of sight to the tower that provides high speed wireless access so here we sit. Luckily, both my parents and my husband's parents have high speed access. We are frequently using their computers to view the blogs we love. So many of you post video, which is a cruel thing to taunt dial up users with...we find it today and can't view it until tomorrow.

On the bright side dial up gives me time to make a phone call while I wait on things to pull up (that is if I can get a signal)...sometimes I take pictures of things while I wait, sometimes I take a shower, sometimes I read (the latest is Anne Rice's Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt)...anyway you get the picture......dial-up internet sucks! I think I'll go take a nap while I wait for this to post.

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