fashion week (a point of view) or the kids played nice so mommy got to read

Yesterday was quite lovely. It was cool enough in the evening to wear a light jacket, the mosquitoes are dying off (oh happy day), and the kids were playing nice....which means mommy got to read...outside! With my big steaming cup of coffee and a book in hand, I read for a good solid half hour before I had to break up an argument. The only other interruptions were to eat "salads" (grass & moss) with a stick fork that the girls kindly provided for me. For the evenings reading pleasure I opted for a comedy, a book of Ogden Nash's collected verse "The Face is Familiar". I thought the following poem was an ideal one to share during the hub-bub of fashion weeks, and I wonder what Mr. Nash would think of all the fashionable headgear that's popping up these days.

Darling, what is that?
That, angel, is a hat.
Are you positve? Are you certain?
Are you sure it's not a curtain?
Shall you really place your head in it?
How's for keeping cake or bread in it?
Do not wear it on your head;
Find some other use instead.
Say a cloth for drying dishes,
Or a net for catching fishes,
Or a veil by night to veto
The bill of the mosquito?
Darling, what is that?
Are you sure it is a hat?
And if so, what was the matter
With the hatter?
Was he troubled? Was he ill?
Was he laughing fit to kill?
Oh what was on his mind
As he designed?
Had he gone without his supper?
Was he dressing in an upper?
Did he plot a wily plan
To annoy his fellow man?
Is its aspect, rear and frontal,
Intended to disgruntle,
Or was it accidental
And is he now repental?
Are memoirs of the brim
Now agony to him?
Do visions of the crown
Drag his spirits down?
Oh, may the Furies batter
That eleven-fingered hatter!
May doom and gloom enswaddle
The creator of the model!
I hope he made a lot of them
That dozens he has got of them;
I hope he has a harem,
And all his spouses warem.

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Robin said...

Thank you for posting "The Drop of a Hat"

I remember this poem from childhood and have be searching for it for years.

It brings back fun memories of my mother when we would recite it together. Thanks so much!