Long Time No Post

Well we've been super busy this past couple of weeks. The timeline goes something like this....
  • we got a new puppy. he's a large puppy and he chews on things, including my ankles. we named him Copper. neither the cats nor the kids are overly fond of him.
  • we had a birthday party for my brother.
  • we started working out the kinks with our good friend who will hopefully be our new photographer. we've done two shoots with him and the pictures are looking fabulous. we will be listing some of these new and improved pictures in our auctions soon. next step find a model (who works for peanuts...literally) anyone interested?
  • my husband met with the widow of the ex president of Butte Knit and came away with quite a haul of her husband's clothing from the 70's, so we will be foraying into the land of menswear (at least until we work our way through these pieces). she also very sweetly gave us a bag full of amazing sunglasses which we will selfishly be keeping for ourselves.
  • I began a countdown to the big 3-0....I also have to have my driver's license renewed which for a change is not a total drag because my last dl picture was possible the worst on record. let's just say I'm not of the glowing pregnant variety.
  • my mom and I started our new tap class. my hips ached for two days.
  • I have also been quite the couch potato because of all the season and series premieres this fall...thus far Gossip Girl, 90210, and ANTM! I know, my tastes lean toward the juvenile, but I also watched parts of the Democratic and Republican conventions too.

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