don't buy the hype

Every year I promise myself two things. The first is that I will keep up with all the business receipts and enter them into some sort of organizing tax program thingy so when tax time rolls around I simply push a button and Viola! my taxes are ready to mail...and the second is that I will start my Christmas shopping early. Needless to say neither of the two ever come to pass. I manage the tax thing for maybe two weeks. As for the Christmas thing...I chalk it up to a deep rooted offence to all the commercial hype, Christmas song playing, and tinsel on the selves before Halloween is over INSANITY that pushes people to start stressing earlier every year. I mean seriously...can I finish my Halloween candy first? Is this allowed anymore? ARE people insane? Arrgh! and then there are the commercials for toys, cell phones, electronics...which paraphrased all have the same message "Buy this or you are the worst parent that ever walked the Earth. Your children will be social outcasts. They will hate you. " So here I sit typing, without one single present under the tree. I will prepare my children for ostracism. They will hate me at some point, but they will get over it....and I will continue to be a last minute shopper.

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Ehren said...

I wrote an excel sheet you can have for yo tax stuff. It werk real good, and it's simple. Oh, and I linked your store on my new blog :) Get ready for massive floods of traffic!