Retro Camping Gear: Vintage Tupperware

Vintage Tupperware Condiment Caddy in Almond & Harvest Gold. Available now in our Etsy store.
Nothing says 70's like Tupperware in Harvest Gold....and for some reason Tupperware always makes me think of camping. I want a Chevy Love Van so I can pack up the family and travel cross country....through all the small towns....and shop in all the beat thrift stores....and eat out of Tupperware.

My parents had a rust colored Chevy Van with shag carpet and a little fridge and a sink. We drove to Vermont from South Carolina one summer with three kids and two kittens. The horn got stuck when we went through NY and every time we made a left turn it would honk. No air conditioning just two little oscillating fans my dad had rigged up. Fun times.

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