Get Stupid With New Auctions or Happy Vtg Thursday/Friday

Hello invisible people. Here is a peek at what's new this week. Enjoy and bid. We would like to take the kids to the beach. They have never seen the ocean. We tease. We also got stupid on some free shipping. Click. There's more.

Super cute leopard print dress. We cut the hem shorter. Learning to sew is on our to do list.

80s Scott McClintock bib dress. Incredibly pretty sheerness. I love this one.

90s halter pouf dress. This one came this short. Love the poufiness of the skirt.

90s bustier jumpsuit. Love the bright green abstract print.

80s glam slouch blouse. Awesome.

** Please Note: I think as we get older we are drawn to shinier clothing. Vintage will not magically make people cooler. You should buy clothes you like and only say nice things about other people.

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