yeah, that's slouchy or not so much

We've gone goony over this week's pieces!!!

Starting with this 1980's hand painted Norma Kamali dress. The little old lady at the check out looked at me and then the dress and said, "Honey, I think you need to try this on. It's too big." I said, "No, it's perfect."

This one is super simple pretty. 1970's white Grecian style dress. Really simple back draping created by ribbon ties. Shoes are the ban of my "outfit" existence. Accessories make me fidget.

channeling Jim Morrison.

The best slouchy 80s romper jumpsuit. It just makes me think "romp".

channeling Charlie Chaplin. The satin bolero is also up for sale.

....as is this slouchy floral print jacket. Love the colors.

There's also a healthy dose of leopard prints in the store this week. Including this lovely sheer puff sleeve one and.....

.....this incredible jumpsuit. I loved it on site because it has pockets, which are so very useful you have to love them, and because jumpsuits are super comfortable, Non?

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FAPORT International said...

WOW!! awesome outfits, i like all..