Fall Inspiration: birdnests, soft things, fur, knit, love you Janis

All things in nature...including Janis Joplin, who was a force of nature, inspired us this week. My fave quote from Miss Joplin...when asked if she liked her life, her response was "I wrote the part."
source: This bed was a love at first sight phenomenon, though the price tag rendered it a wish upon a star kind of thing. Just as well....I probably couldn't sleep in it for staring at it all night. Mental post it...Learn to weld.

source: love love love, Janis Joplin's, crazy frizzy hair. I have a thang for rock bios and hers is super fascinating if you've never read anything about her. Her sister Laura Joplin wrote one...but one of my favorites is by Myra Friedman, "Buried Alive: The Biography of Janis Joplin". Janis is still inspiring fashion, whether or not people know from whence there trends stem. Fashion trends are somewhat like music I think....we love them, but we have little appreciation of the roots. Janis was an original through & through....really read the biography.

source: It's always so awesome to find a bird's nest. Of course an abandoned one. I wouldn't disturb anyone's actual home.

Anyways all this kinda adds up to the ker-azy hair in the pictures this week....for some reason fall always brings me back to nature and creativity. Plus I got brand spankin new skinny jeans in the mail which for some reason inspired giant frizzy hair. Peace. The Family. Shop. Now. Okay. Good Night w/ A Peek.

vintage rabbit fur bomber jacket/coat

vintage sheer navy secretary dress. pearly pink buttons.

vintage mod cashmere fur collar swing dress coat.

vintage chunky purple knit sweater coat. open front wrap.

vintage black/gray knit tube skirt. awesome. soft.

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