Smorgasbord (smôr'gəs-bôrd', -bōrd') : a varied collection

Here's a bit of what's up for auction this week in our humble ebay store. Yay for Fall....I think sweaters and coats are my very favorites of all things wearable. North Carolina is experiencing one of her flighty weather moments. It's supposed to get up to 90 today. Eccck! When you live in the south you learn not to get too excited at the first wave of coolness...it's always a trick. Anyway, not that that has anything to do with what's for sale, but there you go:)

vintage "one more cup of coffee" chunky mustard knit wrap sweater coat

vintage "here's looking a you kid" bold shoulder jumpsuit

vintage "party on" black and white ruffle party dress

vintage "my so called life" hooded & belted plaid mini coat

vintage "lady fauntleroy" ruffle blouse (sheer mesh puff sleeves & gold floral) + tweed pencil skirt with leather pocket trim
Oh! and my newly thrifted head piece/hat thingy. It's lovely to have a bit of pouf on top of one's head.

vintage "vampire girl" velveteen maxi dress (tiny floral print & crochet lace trim)

vintage "i read it in a magazine" mohair duster coat

vintage "holy knit" red wrap sweater/vest

vintage "watch my back" cut out tuxedo dress jacket (silver metallic pin stripes)
My new purchase....just for me.....with a gift certificate....that I won, so technically not a purchase....my Cheap Monday skinny jeans! These things a seriously soft, comfy and stretchy and I love them. So you'll be seeing them until they fall apart from overuse.

vintage 80s "frosted" pink angora shoulder jumper/sweater (fuzzy angora capped shoulders and sleeve panels)

vintage "watercolors" silk flapper tunic/micro mini dress (bandage hem with big floppy hip bow)

vintage "hey hey what can i do" black body con mini dress with sheer mesh panels

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Sarah said...

I love the soft sexy angora look, I get so much attention when I wear fuzzy soft sewater or dress... Sarah