where is my mind?

Pump Up The Volume has a great acoustic version of this song. Love it!

some of our other Pixie faves. This Monkey's Gone To Heaven (jeez I hope) and Where Is My Mind (I don't think mine can swim). By the by the Pixies are totally playing in D.C. in November (go here you lucky ticket buying, people who don't have to kidnap a babysitter, bastards) to buy tickets.

A funny story: My husband finally buys a beautiful car stereo for me (installs it and everything)...pulls up in the driveway blaring the Pixies I loved this present. It was the best ever. A few months later my poor stereo was riped from it's perch by some car thieving person/persons....and what was in the player that night but my Pixies of course. The very same one from that fateful first day. Note: not only did they rip out the stereo....they also took my glasses and two cases of cds that took years to collect (I still weep for my Janis ohhh and the J Church lost). Stop the insanity car thieves. I mean seriously how much does one get for cds anymore? Leave 'em don't thieve'em.

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