A Day In The Life Of

: or the very unglamorous life of a couple of vintage peddlers

Soooo we added new pieces to the store yesterday. Inspected. Took pictures. Measured. Edited. Cropped. Wrote auctions. In between....We packed & shipped. Made breakfast. Drove one kid to school. Kept the other one. Made lunch. If you have never had the experience of taking pictures while a 5 year runs back and forth doing her own wardrobe changes, well then you have not lived. We go from "Fine pick the spinach off and eat your sandwich." To " Does not this jacket look killer." To "Yes honey you look amazing in that princess dress!" To "Okay the bus is here let's run out and get your sister!" We are exhausted. What's for supper. Homework. "Can we have a snack?" is the afternoon refrain. Happy Birthday to my husband today! While making breakfast the girls had to make birthday cards for Daddy......with glue. Because it's not a card if it's not sopping wet with elmer's.

80s Mauve Taupe Trench Coat with detachable quilted and plush pile lining

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