Vintage Coats & Other Things

In the store right this second so don't miss out. These are some of our favorites that are listed right now. In the spirit of the holidays we are currently offering Free US Shipping on our store pieces. 

Vintage Olive Military Trench Coat with Leather Details

Vintage Camel Knit Sweater Dress

Vintage Sheer Lace Mini Dress

Vintage Froggy Green Raincoat with Hood & Strawberry Print Lining

Vintage Beaded Maxi Dress
Vintage 50s/60s Lace Party Dress

Vintage Leather & Fringe Shoulder Piece
Vintage Woolrich Hunting Shirt Jacket with Suede Elbow Patches

1 comment:

chase said...

im actually jealous the woolrich vintage hunting shirt I WANT!!!!!!