Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga

One reason we have started to recruit new models is because we are expecting our third child in September. Yay! And no amount of sucking it in was going to get a vintage dress zipped up over my expanding belly/hips/butt/you get the picture.

We have decided to go all natural with this last little one and have selected the midwife/birthing center route. They strongly promote exercise to get your body ready for birth...specifically squats, pelvic rocks and kegels. I have been trying to keep in shape and have been doing a prenatal yoga video by Shiva Rea.

Not too difficult for the never-really-done-yoga-before peoples but enough of a workout to feel like you're accomplishing something and at 25 weeks I can still pretty much do the unmodified poses without any kind of strain. Also don't be discouraged if you are not the flexible type....I am as stiff as a board and doing this really improves my overall flexibility. I have definitely been able to tell a difference with this pregnancy....the stretches really help with the back and hip tightness I have always experienced before. Just thought I would share....as there are a lot of videos out there to choose from. I picked up my copy on Amazon, used for under 5 bucks.

Does anyone else have a prenatal yoga video they really like? You do get somewhat burnt-out doing the same one over and over.

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