A vampire, a Tim Burton character, a fairy princess and Sleeping Beauty

I don't know how two ghouls end up with glittery fairy princess children, but that's genetics for you.....

We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating old school, and by old school I do mean that Mom got to take candy from the children when the night was finished. My Tim Burton like character was inspired by Jennine at THE COVETED Halloween in My Closet post. Totally last minute. I didn't have any stripes though so I went with velvet and two layers of petticoats peeking out. The makeup was the most fun though.

family portrait with the cat
Me and Jeremy

I love this picture. Awyn was Rosetta from the Tinkerbell movie.

Leah portrait: Sleeping Beauty

Awyn Portrait: Rosetta


jennine said...

omg the cutest family EVER! i love it...all of you look so sweet!

the family vintage said...

thanks jennine!