Washington DC and Asbury Park

In no particular order....vacation pictures. We had fun. We ate a lot. Awyn lost her first tooth. We did absolutely zero work.
Timmy & Rudy's house in Asbury Park, NJ

Our luggage. 6 days 4 people. Not too shabby. Of course I mostly wore the same thing throughout the entire trip.

The corner where our hotel was in D.C. We stayed at the Hotel Harrington. It was a super convenient walk to all things touristy + next door to Starbucks. A great place for families to stay when they visit Washington.

My mom and dad at the Lincoln Memorial.

Mom, Dad, me and the girls on our way to sight see. My husband was the official photographer for the day.

My dad being funny in front of the IRS building. Notice his pockets pulled inside out. Leah on the steps behind him.

Awyn and Leah in front of the White House.

Me and the girls. Asbury Park. The first time the kids had ever seen the ocean. It was freezing and there were an abundance of sketchy seagulls mulling about.

The family chilling in front of the Washington Monument.

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